Find Answers to Various Pest Problems — We are Bug Stompers

Are termites, rats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, bees, or ants bothering you and making your life difficult? Do you want your residential or commercial space to be free from these invaders as soon as possible? Look no further! Bug Stompers — the pest control expert in Clifton, Ohio —is available at your service, 24/7 to provide appropriate solutions! We are an experienced team of exterminators that is fully-equipped with all the important tools and supplies required to get the job done in a time-effective fashion. Not only are our services affordable, but A+ rated, eco-friendly, and insured.

At Bug Stompers, we know how troublesome pest problems can be. They can lead to pest infestation and cause serious damage to your property. Not to forget those annoying smells that make your nose go wrinkled. We don’t just kill pests but remove bad odors as well. As a pest control specialist in Clifton, Ohio, our job is to provide our customers with pest-free homes that smell great. Before we start killing pests, we first inspect your property to figure out the root cause of the problem and then determine ways to provide a top-quality solution.

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