Bug Stompers: Get Rid of Pests That Annoy You

Ants, termites, crickets, cockroaches, or nasty rodents: pests such as these can be much more than just a nuisance in your daily life – they can be a potential threat to not just the safety of your home but also your health. At Bug Stompers, our mission is to protect you and your home or office from their terror and give you peace of mind. We provide reliable and effective services for pest control in Kettering. We will do whatever it takes to cleanse your property of critters, including coming back until they are eliminated.

Looking for experts that provide matchless pests control in Kettering?

Bug Stompers is a trusted name in Kettering for pest removal that’s highly assuring and holistic in pest treatment. We have an amazing team of personnel who work with the latest tools and equipment to keep your home pest- and insect-free. Our team in Kettering for pests treatment guarantees your satisfaction by removing bugs, critters, and insects for longer time. Our services start with an inspection to determine the level of infestation, points of entry, possible food sources, and so on, to make sure that we come up with the best possible approach to fix the problem in a time- and cost-effective manner. Our team based in Kettering for pests services will then come to your home or facility fully equipped with all the necessary tools and products to eliminate all bugs and pests from your space while also dealing with any damage that they may have already caused.

100% safe and efficient services in Kettering for pest prevention

With more than two decades of experience across Kettering in pest control, we are a local, family-owned business providing effective and highly integrated pest management solutions to homes and commercial properties. As a licensed and insured business, we strive to provide you with the tailor-made services in Kettering for pests control at highly affordable prices.

Our team, which is made up of skilled and experienced professionals, uses safe and sustainable methods of extermination to ensure that your family, employees, and even your pets remain safe throughout the process. Call us at (937) 322-2245 in Kettering for pests control.

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