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What are aphids?

Aphids are small, pear-shaped, soft-bodied insects with long slender mouthparts used for sucking the juices out of the host plant. Almost every plant has one or more aphid species that may feed on it and there are many types. There are hundreds of different types of aphids in Ohio. In warm conditions, they can develop from a newborn to an adult in less than two weeks. Large populations can be established in a relatively short period of time. Before it becomes a bigger problem, call Bug Stompers for a top-quality aphid removal service. We are a reputable, family-owned pest control company in Ohio with more than 30 years of experience. We can offer you a reliable, affordable, and time-effective aphid control service.

Why aphid control is important

Aphids can kill your plants. One of the main signs of their presence is curled, yellowed, distorted leaves caused by the juices being sucked out by aphids. In addition to that, aphids secrete honeydew, which is the favorite food source for ants. Ants farm aphids as we farm cattle. They move them from plant to plant so they have plentiful food supply and even take them to shelter during storms. Aphid control is important not only for the health of your plants, but for the control of the ant population on your property When called for aphid removal services in Springfield, OH, our team of highly skilled and trained exterminators visits your facility, inspects the infested areas, and determine ways to provide the most appropriate solution to your problem.

Why you need to hire a professional in aphid control

Unlike wooly aphids that shield themselves in a mass of white, wooly wax on tree branches, most aphids are difficult to track. They can be very secretive. You need to look for them on new growth, in leaf crevices, along stems, or under leaves. When you find some with wings, they are basically a sign that the colony is about to disperse onto new host plants. This should raise red flags. A professional aphid removal company can help you easily identify aphids and work on them quickly so your plants are protected against damage.

Why choose bug stompers for aphid control in ohio

Bug Stompers is a professional; A+ rated, certified, insured, and experienced Pest Control Company in Ohio. Not all pest control companies have an agricultural license, which is why they are unable to stop the problem. We have an agricultural license that allows us to treat the plants in your yard and eliminate aphids and their secretions. We control aphid populations and also keep ant colonies from being established on your property. To schedule aphid treatment, give us a call today!