We Provide The Perfect Solution To Bed Bug Problems – We Are Bug Stompers!

Bed bugs are a much bigger problem than you think

Even the cleanest of homes can get bed bugs. They need only a mean of entry and a food source. Bed bugs reproduce and spread rapidly, so even a small problem can quickly turn into a large infestation. Telltale signs of bed bugs include a sweet musky odor, rust-colored spots on mattresses, bedding, and bites similar to those of a mosquito. Basic bug treatment methods may offer you temporary relief but for a more reliable and long-lasting solution, you need a professional bed bug pest control service in Springfield. This is where Bug Stompers comes into the picture!

We are a team of certified, experienced and skilled exterminators

Bug Stompers is a team of certified, experienced, and skilled exterminators who specialize in pest control bed bug treatment. We are a family-owned business having gained a solid reputation for our services in Central Ohio and the surrounding areas. Once a service is scheduled, we visit your facility, thoroughly inspect it to look for bugs, and determine the best possible ways to fix the problem in a time-effective fashion. To confirm the presence of bugs in your home or office, we first use disposable traps to attract and trap insects. If bed bugs are present, we place additional traps in other areas of your facility to determine how widespread the infestation is.

We can handle basic to major bed bug problems

Whether you have a basic or serious bed bug infestation problem, we have solutions available to meet every requirement. Our team comes to your facility fully equipped with all the important tools and products to help you get rid of the problem. Don’t worry about the quality of the products we use in our bed bug control services in OH. They are eco-friendly and don’t cause any kind of harm to your family members or pets. Our exterminators not only kill adult bed bugs but also their unhatched eggs. They reach into rugs, window treatments, and other hard-to-reach areas where the bugs can possibly hide.

Give bug stompers a call to schedule your bed bug control service today!

If you have had enough dealing with pesky pests, call Bug Stompers today to schedule a pest control service to suit your convenience. We are an A+ rated and insured exterminator stomping bugs for more than 20 years now. In addition to residential, we also offer commercial bed bug pest control services in OH and the surrounding areas. We make sure your spaces are free from pests — and damages caused by them.

Don’t let bugs get the better of you! Call Bug Stompers — the best bed bug pest control company in Central Ohio today and find an appropriate and budget-friendly solution to your bug problem