We Help You Get Rid Of Moles Around Your Property

Moles can cause a lot of damage to your property. To prevent this damage, you must work with a professional pest control company that carries a good amount of experience in this area. Basic mole removal methods, such as repellants, baiting, and grub treatments, might offer some help, however, when it comes to finding a more reliable and long-term solution to this problem, these methods simply don’t work. What you require is the professional mole control service in Springfield. Bug Stompers, as your pest control expert, can help you get rid of moles around your property—be it residential or commercial!

Problems caused by moles

If not addressed in time, moles can lead to a variety of problems, primarily property damage. Studies show that, in the most ideal conditions, moles are capable of creating tunnels at an average of 1 foot every minute. Though they are insectivores, meaning that they do not eat plants, they can destroy root systems in the ground while maneuvering from one location to another. What is even worse is if they are mating, resting, or protecting themselves from unfavorable weather conditions, moles can burrow up to 2 feet in the ground, which can result in ground cave-ins. This makes them a much bigger threat than what most of us think. Therefore, a mole treatment in OH is necessary! The team of exterminators at Bug Stompers offers you top-notch mole control service, eliminating the problems caused by moles and preventing your property from further damage.

We look for moles & address the problem

Tracking moles is not easy as they travel under the ground, immediately below the surface. To determine if you have moles around your property, our team looks for mounds and the unique tracks that these creatures leave behind. As moles tunnel through an area, they use their front feet to shift through the dirt. When they are burrowing, mounds are created and the tunneling process makes tracks. In some cases, the tracks can be straight, however, they usually intertwine and don’t have a specific pattern. The inspection takes some time but once done, Bug Stompers — your most reliable residential mole control company in Ohio provides you with the most appropriate solution to your problem.

Call bug stompers today for a mole control service

Getting rid of moles on your own is not easy. These creatures are quick and travel in such a way that it becomes difficult for you to catch them. Therefore, call a professional for help before it gets too late. Bug Stompers is the mole control company in Ohio that can offer you a reliable and affordable pest control service. We are an A-rated, insured, and fully equipped service provider with all the tools to finish the job in time. Give us a call today!