Rodent Control Requires A More Effective Strategy Than Just Baiting

So you’ve got rodent activity in your home that’s making you go crazy? Schedule an inspection with Bug Stompers today for rodent removal and treatment in Ohio! Rodents are creatures of habit and a little bait spread randomly isn’t going to draw them away from their daily routine. What you require is a more effective strategy to combat the problem. Bug Stompers is a specialist in this area and our team of certified and experienced pest control professionals knows how to make your property rodent-free.

Rodents can raise serious health concerns and make your family sick

Rodents are unhygienic and known to spread germs, dirt, and disease. What is even more worrisome is that rodents want to get to your food and stay in the warmth of your property. As they move around your house, they leave solid and liquid waste. Rodent urine and dander can taint insulation and contaminate the air you breathe. If not addressed in time, rodent problems can become a serious problem.No matter the situation, Bug Stompers is here to help! Apart from residential, we also offer commercial rodent removal services in Central Ohio and surrounding areas.

Bug stompers provides a tailor-made rodent control solution

What makes Bug Stompers stand out from the rest is that we don’t approach every pest or rodent problem the same way. We know that every pest problem is different and therefore, we provide you with a specific tailor-made solution based on your unique requirements. Once we’re prepared to move forward, we target trouble spots for extreme rodent activity situations.

Rodents by nature are extremely good at finding openings and structural weaknesses in your home. Once they’ve locked in on these weaknesses, they’ll use their sharp teeth and nails to claw their way into your attic, garage, and walls. They can squeeze through gaps as small as the size of 50 cent coin. Ideal entrance points are doors and windows as well as small holes such as ventilation bricks, and gaps around pipework. Bug Stompers, as your rodent removal expert in Ohio, check all points of entry, nesting areas, insulation tunnels, and high-traffic areas to look for signs of rodents and take necessary action.

Our services are licensed, insured, and eco-friendly

When you choose Bug Stompers for rodent removal services in Springfield, you have the confidence that you have chosen one of the best in the business to help you get rid of the problem. We are a family-owned, licensed, and insured pest control company with over 30 years of experience in the area. Have pets at home or family members with allergies or asthma? Don’t worry! Our services are eco-friendly and we only use top-quality products to offer peace of mind to our customers.

Searching for the best residential rodent removal company in Central, Ohio? Look no further than Bug Stompers! We can provide you with a reliable, budget-friendly, and time-effective pest control service. Schedule an inspection today!