Bug Stompers: Your Answer to Pest Problems in New Carlisle

When pest problems become hard to tackle on your own, you require professional help! Bug Stompers is your most reliable pest control expert in New Carlisle, OH and we can help you get rid of unwanted pests that are potentially infesting or damaging your property. We are an A+ Rated company consisting of fully trained and experienced exterminators who provide you with a budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and time-effective pest control service.

We Don’t Just Eliminate Symptoms; We Eradicate Pests at Their Source

Pests can hide anywhere, making it difficult for you to find them. Bug Stompers eradicates them at the source as opposed to simply eliminating the symptoms of a larger problem. We have the best and up-to-date technologies to remove pests. Contact us for a complete pest control solution in Ohio. We are can handle bugs, termites, bees, rodents, roaches, raccoons, etc. Count on us to handle pest problems with ease and efficiency. Our pest control service in New Carlisle, Ohio is available for residential as well as commercial settings. Searching for an excellent exterminator for effective pest control? Bug Stompers is exactly what you need! Contact us today at (937) 322-2245 to schedule your appointment!

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