Removing Rodents From Your Home | Things You Might Want To Know

If you want to live comfortably in your own home, you should ensure that it is free of pests, bugs, and rodents. Rodents are a significant problem that should be eliminated from your space. They are usually carriers of diseases that can harm humans and animals. They spread those illnesses by defecating and urinating throughout the home to mark their territory, which can also attract other rodents. If you’re facing rodent problems, seek professional help and look for the best rodent removal service.

Why should you remove rodents from your home?

Rats and mice are known to spread several illnesses, which can transmit to humans and animals directly through handling rodents, touching rodent feces, urine, or saliva, breathing air contaminated by rodents, and eating food infected with rodent bites. Rodent smells in the room also attract other rodents, causing more problems.

If you notice rodent activity in your home, ensure you find ways to get rid of rodents or get professional assistance for rodent removal. These activities include rodent droppings around food packages, nesting material such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter, signs of chewing on food packaging, and holes chewed through walls and floors that create entry points into the home.

Some ways to remove rodents from your home

The following discusses some ways to remove rodents from your home, so pay attention to them.

  • Remove all nesting objects from your home

    Rodents often chew into a mattress, pillow, carpet, and other fabric in search of nesting materials. Dropped feathers, rags, or paper towels can be ideal for a mouse nest. These objects also provide warmth and comfort for rodents to reproduce and care for their young. If you want to eliminate rodents from your space, remove all these nesting materials from areas they can reach.

  • Clean all corners of your house

    Cleaning your space is an excellent way to eliminate trash and rodent-nesting objects. When the house is spot clean with no elements on the floor or reachable areas that provide rodents food and shelter, they will move away from your space and search elsewhere. Consider cleaning all corners of your home at least a few times a week and look under the beds, behind furniture, and open closets.

  • Clean immediately after meals

    Food lingering on the floor, table, and countertop often attracts rodents. If you have kids at home who could drop food off, consider picking up and cleaning it immediately. This way, you are not giving rodents any opportunity to stay in your space.

  • Hire Bug Stompers’ rodent removal!

    Consider choosing our service if you’re looking for the best rodent removal service. We don’t approach every pest or rodent problem the same way, as we know every pest and rodent problem is different. We offer you a specific tailor-made solution based on your unique requirements. Once we are prepared, we target trouble spots for extreme rodent activity situations. Bug Stompers will check all points of entry, nesting areas, insulation tunnels, and high-traffic areas to look for signs of rodents and take necessary action.

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