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Grub worms are a common problem throughout the United States. They are the larvae of the June bugs, which are nocturnal and favor high-ambient light sources. If you’re working on your lawn and have created a nice loose soil full of organic life (grub worms do not like poor soil conditions, compacted soils, or unhealthy soils) — and you happen to have a high ambient light source from a streetlight or you keep your front porch light on at night — you’re probably going to end up with grub worms. Grub worms can cause serious damage to your lawns. Most importantly, they are insects with multiple life cycles. Stopping them at the right time is critical for the protection of your lawns and landscape, which is why you should consider lawn grubs removal services by Bug Stompers at regular intervals.

Damage Caused by Grubs

Though in most areas, you are not going to have more than two generations of grub worms, however, it can go up to four at some places. The worms feed voraciously for several months and they can take in 200 times their body weight. Also, they grow like crazy. What they are doing when they are moving through your soil is they are feeding on the organic matter. The roots just happen to be in the way and so that’s what they devour. And that, of course, keeps the plant, the grass itself from pulling the moisture because the roots are gone. You can prevent your plants and grass from being destroyed by grubs by calling Bug Stompers, a reputable lawn grubs Removal Company offering pest control services in Central Ohio and surrounding areas.

When to Consider Grub Control Service

The grub worms, the actual June bug, fly somewhere in the early to mid-part of May. The bugs will fly for a few weeks, drop, and lay their eggs. Immediately, those eggs will hatch into the grubs. So, when you see the first flight of the June bug, that is the proper treatment time for grub control. The reason for that is that the products that are used for lawn grubs treatment take a while to translocate through the plant, meaning it takes them some time to be absorbed into the grass blade. The general rule of thumb is, the longer it takes for it to be absorbed into the plant, the longer it will last. So, waiting for a long time can cause further problems! The best thing to do is contact Bug Stompers at the earliest, so we can provide a timely solution.

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