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Nearly five to seven hundred spiderlings hatch out from spider egg cases. About the size of our small fingernail, these spiderlings can crawl to the highest place, spin a web, and float away in the breeze, also known as ballooning. They end up on your fence lines, in your plants, and on the side of your house where you often see their webs. When the spider problem gets out of control, basic DIY solutions don’t offer you much help. What you need is a professional spider control service! Contact Bug Stompers for top-notch spider pest control services in Springfield today!

Spider Control is a Part of Bug Stompers’ Pest Control Service

Bug Stompers specializes in pest control, and spider control is one of the many different services we offer in Central Ohio. We have the team, experience, and skills to provide you with an appropriate solution to your pest problem. You can rely on us because we are a certified, fully-equipped, insured and family-owned residential and commercial spider control company in Springfield. Our services are eco-friendly and we use only the highest quality materials to offer maximum satisfaction of our customers.

How We Work for Spider Control

When hired for spider pest control services in Ohio, we first inspect the space to look for issuesOnce done, we use a webbing brush to remove any spider webs from the eaves of your home. We do this all the way around your entire house and the fence lines. We then treat all the cracks and crevices next to the driveways and sidewalks, and the perimeter of your home and along fence lines — to create a barrier and provide protection against migrating insects. Our spider treatment in Ohio on the eaves of your roof, window casings, and door frames of your house prevents spiders from going back into the cracks and crevices. We also inspect the underside of your patio furniture as this is the major place where spiders seem to congregate, especially the brown widows.

We Make Sure Your Plants are Spider-Free

We inspect and work on all of the large plantings on your property that we can get to. We spray down into the root zone of the plants and then turn our application upward to treat the underside of the leaves to make sure we control any spiders or other migratory insects that might be there. We continue the job even behind the shrubs and plants to make sure we get a good application there.

Call Bug Stomper for a Quote Today!

For spider pest control services in Springfield, look no further than Bug Stompers! Try our service and find out why our customers are so satisfied. Ask for a free quote today and if you have any questions, give us a call. We will be happy to answer your queries!

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