Simple Tips For Getting Rid of Bed Bugs From Your House

Bed bugs are known for causing a lot of problems such as infection from scratches, stress, allergic reaction to bites, and sleep deprivation. But the good thing is, you can do certain things to remove bed bugs from your house. However, it is essential to take action immediately as soon as you notice bed bugs. If you take time or ignore it, the problem of bed bugs will become severe and start causing health issues to you and your loved ones. In this blog, we will tell you some things you can do to eliminate bed bugs. What are those things? Let’s find out.

Look for signs of infestation

One of the obvious signs of bed bugs’ presence is marks on your skin. When bed bugs bite, they leave tiny marks. The bites do not hurt or cause pain; however, they’ll leave small red welts. These welts develop in a jagged pattern and might cause itchiness. You can also look for signs of red spots on the sheets. Bed bugs use humans to survive, so they excrete digested blood. If not red spots, you may notice small brown spots on the sheets.

Washing things will help

Put all fabrics in the washing machine for a proper wash. Just make sure that the fabrics you pick to wash should be washing machine-friendly. So, wash items such as soft toys, bedding, rugs, clothing, and other similar items. Make sure you wash all these items in high heat and then dry them out properly. If some items cannot be washed, check whether they can be dried in the dryer. Bed bugs die in the presence of heat.

Clean bigger items as well

It goes without saying you cannot wash big items like a mattress or couch in your washing machine. But it is important to clean them too. If you want to get rid of bugs, it is essential to deep clean these types of big items. You can deep clean them using a brush with stiff bristles. While cleaning, make sure you brush properly along all surfaces. Don’t forget to pay special attention to corners and seams as these are areas where bed bug eggs are present. Once you have done all this, your final step is to vacuum everything. Now you need to suffocate the bed bugs present in your vacuum, which you can do by properly sealing it in an airtight bag and placing it outside your home for some days.

Apart from doing the above-mentioned things, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced company that provides professional pest control bed bug treatment. Bug Stompers is one such company that has years of experience in pest control. We can remove bed bugs from your house in no time. To know more about our services in detail, call us at 937-322-2245.

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