Efficient And Reliable Bat Removal Services In Ohio

Bats flying into your bedroom ever so often? Chances are that you have a bat infestation in your attic, basement, or chimney! Don’t commit the mistake of trying to get rid of them all by yourself. Their bites are pretty nasty and painful. Instead, leave it to the experts. Give Bug Stompers a call to avail of professional bat removal services today! 

Why Bat Removal Is Important

The U.S. has three pesky bat species that are known to invade into homes and offices — the little brown bat, the big brown bat, and the Mexican free-tailed bat. As their natural habitat has witnessed significant disruptions in recent times, female bats often get into dark areas inside homes, looking for a safe space to raise its young. 

It is important to remember that bats are extremely important to maintain a balance in the ecosystem, but at the same time, living in close proximity is not advisable for humans.

Bats can be carriers of rabies, apart from carrying other viruses and bacteria that can be extremely harmful to humans. Their droppings (guano) don’t only have a terrible odor, but it can also be life-threatening. A type of fungus is known to grow on bat excrement, and when its spores are inhaled by humans, it can lead to a disease called histoplasmosis. This is why you should immediately get in touch with bat removal professionals in Ohio the moment you spot signs of infestation. 

When To Call Bat Removal Service Providers

If you spot these tellings signs of a bat infestation, you need to ring up critter removal experts right away: 

  • Bat droppings near your window sills. 
  • If clusters of bat droppings are not cleared out right away, they can cause a nasty smell. So if funky odors are emanating from your attic, you might have a bat infestation issue. Venturing inside is not a good idea as there might be hundreds of them. Seek guidance from professionals. If you live in Ohio, we are here to help you out with our comprehensive bat removal services. 
  • Waking up to chirping or rustling sounds? Don’t worry, chances are extremely high that you don’t have a ghost in your home. The culprit is probably a bat colony nearby. 

Get Rid Of Bat Colonies With Bug Stompers

One should always bear in mind that bat removal is not easy. Turning to DIY methods or using ultrasonic sound emitters are hardly of any help. Killing bats is also not an option because not only is it unethical, but local ecosystems have also been known to be adversely impacted in their absence. Moreover, using bat poison can be disastrous for your home as some could die inside crevices of walls and ceilings. 

The only bat removal method that actually shows promise is exclusion — using different techniques to permanently shoo them away from your home. Sealing entry points and just having one-way exit outlet is very effective when it comes to ridding your abode of bats.

 At Bug Stompers, we practice extreme caution when we deal with bats. Upon being summoned, we inspect your home to assess the severity of the infestation and then chart out a safe strategy that will help to eliminate the problem. We also have trained professionals for the job as well as the latest tools that not only remove infestations but also help to prevent bats from returning to your home. Contact us for bat removal in Ohio

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