Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Mice Growth In Your House

Mice seem like harmless little creatures. However, nobody would want them in their house, especially in their kitchen. Their infestation is just gross and not good for the inhabitants of a house. It is quite surprising to observe that many homeowners expect mice to go away on their own after some time and if they have a cat, they assume the cat will take care of them. Both are passive approaches and can increase the infestation of mice. You should tackle their growing presence in your house by using services such as pest control in Kettering. Why should you? Let’s find out.

You Can Contract Dangerous Diseases

It is essential for homeowners to know that mice and rats are known for carrying dangerous as well as a deadly diseases. Hantavirus, for instance, are carried my many types of rodents, especially the deer mouse. These rodents’ urine and droppings infect the surrounding air with the virus, which if inhaled, can enter inside our body. Other diseases include Lyme disease, Tularemia, and many others.

There Is Risk of Structural Damage

As we mentioned above, mice and rats may look like harmless creatures, but they have the capability of causing serious harm not just to your health but your house as well. For instance, using their pointy teeth, both rats and mice can easily tear into insulation and masticate through wood. Needless to say, your property can get damaged in such situations and its structural integrity will get compromised. That is why it is risky to ignore the growth of rodents in your house.

Your Sleep Will Get Affected

As we all know, rats and mice belong to the category of nocturnal creatures. When we go to bed at night, rats and mice come out of their nests to wreak havoc inside our house. They will scratch the walls, chew through stuff, and make all sorts of noises. Not only do these noises disturb our sleep, they also cause stress and anxiety in some people. The best way of dealing with them is hiring pest control services that will eliminate every annoying rodent from your house.

As you can see, letting mice grow and ignoring their growing presence is not recommended at all. They won’t go away on their own and you should not rely on your dog’s or cat’s hunting abilities to remove them from your house. The best and most effective thing would be getting in touch with Bug Stompers. We are known for our pest control and extermination services in Central Ohio and its surrounding area.

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