6 Alarming Signs of Rodent Infestation that Everyone Should Know

Spotting a rat in your home is not a pleasant feeling, if not a shock. Rats and mice are among the most common pests in the Greensboro area. These species start with seeking shelter in your homes and proceed with a lot of damage which may make you look for Greensboro pest control companies.

But, the real problem starts much before you notice it. It is hard to spot rodents at the beginning. And, until you do, their population is grown to an extent where eliminating them becomes a tricky task.

Here are some signs that can help detect their presence early and avoid damage:

Chew marks

Have you suddenly started seeing chew marks on your stuff like wooden items, cardboard, wires, and other such things? If yes, it is most probably because of the presence of those tiny monsters.

Before reading this blog, you didn’t know what it was. But now, as you know, you also know what to do next.

Misbehaving pets

You read that right. Your pet will know it much before you do. And, you will be able to see that in the form of reactions such as scratching the wall paint in a certain area of your house or acting erratic all of a sudden.

Mark the area where you notice this behavior because that will help the pest control team in finding the root of the problem.

Rotting odor

Rodents are among the worst pests that won’t let you be at ease even when they are no more in this world. Their bodies discharge a strong smell and you feel like living in a living hell.

Removing them on your own can be hazardous so you should always reach out to a pest control expert for the removal of their dead bodies.

Musky odor

Alive rodents also exhibit a musky odor which only worsens with the increase in their population. But there is nothing to panic.

You get to know that they are there which is important. And once you’re sure, you’re smart enough to take further steps to show them their way out of your space.


As soon as you start finding small droppings that are dark brown in color, you know they have arrived. This is among the earliest signs as this is something no creature can live without.


If you or other members of your family have started having regular allergy problems, that’s also an alarming situation.

You should get your place inspected for pests, not just rodents – as early as possible. That’s how you get rid of them and save your loved ones from falling sick.


Rodents are among the most harmful species that infest homes, cause a lot of damage, and invite several health risks. By detecting and throwing these creepy creatures out of your property on time can save your health and belongings. The above signs will help you identify the problem on time and take steps to eliminate it.

In case you’re looking for pest control companies in Greensboro, reach out to us today.

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