Probable Ways You’re Attracting Termites To Your Home

Have you noticed termites in and around your house lately? Did all the DIY tricks go down the drain? Sometimes it can be challenging to deal with pests on your own. There’s a strong chance that you need to consult pest control in Dayton.

The Spring season is one of the main times when termites begin to swarm. Although you should be concerned only about a particular species of termites around your home, each of them has the ability to take over your property and cause damage. When it comes to avoiding termite infestation, it is essential that you know what actions you can take to make sure you are not attracting termites to your home in the first place. Before they begin hijacking your property, we’re sharing some possible ways you could be attracting termites and how to stop them before it gets worse.

Homeowners can ensure that their property is protected against termites by avoiding the following:

  • Improper drainage system

    It comes as no secret that termites love being in the water and clogged gutters as it provides them the opportunity to accumulate moisture. You would not want this to happen and so, make sure you have necessary drainage arrangements like rainwater diversion. Diverting the rainwater from the foundation of your home is a great option to go for. You can use down-sprout extenders and ensure that you clean the gutters regularly.

  • Keeping firewood stacked up

    Termites get attracted to firewood! So, stacking up the firewood too close to your property could be a reason why you’ve attracted them inside. To prevent them from entering your home, you can store firewood at least 20 feet away from the property and five feet above the ground.

  • Excessive wood in the yard

    For termites, rotting wood is like an easy meal. Look for logs or tree stumps in your property and remove them. Homeowners who come across pest infestation in and around their home should contact pest control in Dayton. Our professionals can best determine the intensity of the problem and recommend appropriate solutions.

  • Manure

    Having manure can be beneficial to your yard; however, it serves as fodder for termites and retains moisture. Reduce the use of manure and ensure that you keep it 15 inches away from the basic foundation of your home.

Seeking Professional Pest Control In Dayton?

Pest control is easier said than done as they hide in corners or live as far as 300 feet away. You can look for various indications that tell termites have taken over your house. If you suspect you have a terrible termite infestation, act on it right away! Call Bug Stompers – the best pest control in Dayton to schedule your inspection and get the best-suited recommendations tailored to your needs.

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